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Stem cell based therapeutic approaches for Parkinson's disease

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2002 Summit Schedule

August 22-28, 2002

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Morning Sessions

Jürgen Winkler
New strategies for Parkinson disease - Introduction to the assigned questions and topics

Marie-Francoise Chesselet
Cellular biology and Parkinson’s Disease

Lars Wahlberg
Think big — Stem cells as a biotechnological product

Roger Barker
Of pigs and mice: The future of xeno-transplantation in Parkinson’s Disease

Proposal Competition

H. Georg Kuhn and
Gerd Kempermann
Adult neurogenesis

Wolfgang Wurst
Genetic models for neurological disease

Andreas Kupsch
Why bother with cells? — Perspectives on deep brain stimulation

Theo Palmer
The human factor — how to deal with human stem cells in vitro and in vivo


Mark Noble
The primal regulator hypothesis and its relationship to understanding
precursor cell function in development, repair and CNS damage induced by chemotherapy

Ole Isacson
Dopaminergic differentiation of stem cells

Thomas Gasser
Which genes matter? — Neurogenetic implications for cell-based therapies

Christian Schwägerl
Dealing in and with stem cells - the commercial side

Afternoon Sessions

Andreas Hartmann
Is there cellular regeneration in the adult substantia nigra?

Patrik Brundin,
Learning to survive — Transplantation strategies for Parkinson’s Disease


Wolfgang Oertel
What do Parkinson patients really need? What can researchers really provide?

Proposal Finalization
Proposal Review

Josef Priller
Blood to brain: bone-marrow stem cells as a tool for reconstructive neurobiology


Oliver Brüstle
Embryonic stem cells in reconstructive neurobiology
Guido Nikkhah
How to rebuild the dopaminergic system — from single cell to organotypic reconstruction
    Carolee Barlow
Gene arrays in stem cell research

David Lockart
Gene arrays revisited: practical considerations


Evening Sessions

Keynote Address
Anders Björklund

A giant leap — Bringing cell-based therapies for Parkinson’s disease from the lab bench to the clinics


Social Event
Posters / Social Hour
Posters / Social Hour
Finalize Oral Presentations

Gretchen Vogel
Stem Cells in Real-life: Funding, publishing, public opinion and the impact of research politics


  Group Organization
Social Hour
        Awards Presentation  


02 Summit Topic / 02 Speakers / 02 Schedule / 02 Location / 02 Participants and Proposals


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