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Adult Neurogenesis and Neuropsychiatric Disorders

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2004 Summit Schedule

August 21 - 27, 2004

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Morning Sessions
Fritz Henn Challenges in treating psychiatric disorders: where could adult neurogenesis fit in?

Derek van der Kooy
Stem cell heterogeneity in different brain regions: concept and consequences for stem cell theories

Daniel Geschwind
Gene array technology in stem cell research

Proposal Finalization
Faculty Proposal Review
    Luca Santarelli
Adult neurogenesis as a requirement for the action of antidepressant drugs
Jeffrey Macklis
Targeted neurogenesis in the adult brain

Mathias Höhn
MRI-tracking of stem cells in the living brain
Afternoon Sessions

Michele Monje
The role of inflammation in the pathological regulation of adult neurogenesis

Arnd Rolfs
What is needed for Regenerative Medicine? — Stem cells, proteomics, tissue engineering, and other fancy ideas

Hans-Peter Lipp
Linking adult neurogenesis with cognitive function

Proposal Competition
    Karl Deiseroth
Neuronal activity in the regulation of adult neurogenesis
Robert Williams
Gene mapping without pipette: powerful novel tools in genetics to identify quantitative trait loci
Martin Korte
Studying neuronal plasticity in slice culture models: Concepts of network plasticity
    Barbara Lipska
Modeling the impossible: animal models of schizophrenia
David Kornack
Neurogenesis in adult primates
Evening Sessions

Orientation and assgnments

Florian Holsboer
Genetic models to study the role of the HPA-system in depression
Social Event

Proposal Prep

Christian Schwägerl
Making headlines: Scientists and the public education about their research

Award Ceremony



Phil Horner
Georg Kuhn
Theo Palmer

An introduction to adult neurogenesis (and to Route28)

      Gretchen Vogel
Media making science: how presentation in the media influence the public perception of scientific results


04 Summit Topic / 04 Speakers / 04 Schedule / 04 Location / Participants and Proposals


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