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Restoring Mobility: Stem Cells and Sensory/Motor Systems of the Spinal Cord

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2005 Preliminary Summit Schedule

August 20-26

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Morning Sessions Arrival and Check-In The Models Biology of Repair: I Biology of Repair: III Final Proposal Prep Trainee Excursions Departures

Philip Horner
Gliogenesis and remodeling of the injured spinal cord

Anne Baron-van Evercooren
Gliogenesis in myelin lesions: from rodent and non-human primate models to multiple sclerosis

Mark Bothwell
The Trophistat hypothesis: are neurotrophic and axon guidance signaling mechanisms systematically interlinked?

Written Proposal Deadline Faculty Proposal Review


Stefano Pluchino
Cell based neuroprotection in MS: the role of adult NPCs

Fred Gage
Epigentic Regulation of Adult Neurogenesis

Jerry Silver
Axon regeneration beyond the glial scar


Sam Pfaff
Genetic regulation of motor neuron identity and connectivity

Patrick Tresco
Tissue Engineering


Afternoon Sessions   Injury and Inflammation Biology of Repair: II Industry Round Table Proposal Presentations    

Aileen Anderson
inflammatory regeneration

Larry Goldstein
Is ALS cell non-autonomous?

Edward Wirth Geron
Initial Clinical Trials of Cell-Based Therapies for Spinal Cord Injury

Group 1

Jeffrey Macklis
Molecular Development and Repair of Corticospinal Motor Neuron Circuitry

Clive Svendsen
Stem cell delivery of growth factors for ALS

Randy Chesnut
Using spinal approaches from Synthes Corp

Group 2

Theo Palmer
Influence of Inflammation on Neurogenesis

Arnold Kreigstein
The Role of Stem & Progenitor Cells in Early Stage of Brain Development

Proposal Prep and Faculty Consult Group 3
Dinner Banquet
Evening Events Greeting from the Organizers Poster Sessions Exercise in Collaboration

Proposal Prep and Faculty Consult

Trainee Free Evening Awards Presentation

Bruce Ransom
Axonal injury and introduction to the disorders

      Faculty Proposal Review


05 Summit Topic / 05 Speakers / 05 Schedule / 05 Location / 05 Applications and Information


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