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Novel Methods to Exploit Stem Cells for Recovery of Human CNS Function

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2011 Summit Topic

The 2011 workshop “Novel Methods to Exploit Stem Cells for Recovery of Human CNS Function” will be held in conjunction with the 14th International Symposium on Neural Regeneration.

The 14th International Symposium on Neural Regeneration highlights and contrasts two emerging technologies: Neural prosthetics (brain-machine interfaces) and stem cell technologies. Six stimulating sessions review the state of the art as well as current bottlenecks in translation:


Session 1. Brain Machine Interface (BMI), chaired by Doug Weber
Session 2. Translational Approaches - "Lost in Translation", chaired by Naomi Kleitman
Session 3. Stem Cells - The promises and challenges, chaired by Itzhak Fischer
Session 4. DEBATE: The future of functional recovery is robotics not regeneration, chaired by David Shine
Session 5. ISN Symposium on Neurochemistry – Neurobiology of Repair, chaired by Jacqueline Bresnahan
Session 6. Route 28 Student Presentations – Novel ways to exploit stem cells for recovery of CNS function

Up to 15 students and postdoctoral fellows are invited to participate in the Route28 Mini-Workshop. Participants must be registered for the ISNR Symposium. For registration forms and more information please contact

The 15 participants will be divided into 3 teams. Each team will formulate a novel strategy in repair.  Disease or injury targets are to be selected and defended by each team. Wild speculation is encouraged – so long as there is enough hard data to “connect the dots” and successfully defend a proposed proof-of concept study. Afternoon study sessions and evening social hours allow the participants to meet and monopolize the attending ISNR faculty mentors.  Poster sessions each day of the meeting provide ample food for thought and the rugged northern California coastline provides a beautiful backdrop for this unusual opportunity.


Participants attend the ISNR sessions while preparing their concept drafts.  All participants will receive travel awards for participating (final amount tbd). First Prize for the winning proposal will be full reimbursement for travel expenses to the ISNR. All teams are also invited to polish and publish a final concept  paper in the Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Disease.


Yes, you read this correctly, partial or full travel reimbursement plus a publication in a peer-reviewed journal - all as a reward for 3 days of brainstorming with world leaders in regenerative medicine!


Openings are available for the 1st 15 qualifying applicants. The workshops are aimed at students who are still in training. Applicants must show proof of enrollment in a PhD or PhD/MD program or hold a position as a postdoctoral trainee. Preference will be given to fellows with less than 3 years of post-PhD experience. 


Think you have a good idea? Join us at the 14th International Symposium on Neural Regeneration and Route28 Mini-Workshop, December 7-11, 2011




2011 Summit Topic / 2011 Program / 2011 Location / 2011 Application Information


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