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Therapeutic Potentials of Neural Stem Cells

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Port Ludlow Resort, Port Ludlow, Washington. August 25-31, 1999

The 1999 Summit Topic

Disease, Injury and the Biology of Neural Progenitors

In 1999, the summit topic focused on injury and repair in the adult central nervous system. Special attention was given to the newly emerging biology of neural progenitors and their potential use in ameliorating disease or injury. The Summit Faculty was chosen for their broad base of knowledge and outstanding track record in the basic neurosciences. The summit covered topics of particular interest to anyone pursuing a career in basic or applied neurobiology of disease and injury.

The Summit began on Wednesday evening at 6 P.M. with a brief introduction to the meeting format and proposal process. Dr. Fred Gage stood in for Pasko Rakic to provide a keynote address surveying the historical setting for this year's topic of neural progenitors. A dinner and social hour later in the evening provided the opportunity for the groups to become further acquainted.

The program covered ten topics relevant to neural progenitor biology and CNS repair. Each topic was presented by one of the most respected specialists in the field, giving the groups an opportunity to seek out the opinion of an established specialist for each aspect of planning their proposal strategy.

Selected Focus Areas:

Neurogenesis in the Adult Brain
Acute CNS Injury
Neural Trauma: Practical Issues in CNS Repair
Neurodegeneration, CNS Plasticity and Implications for Repair
Stem Cells and Fate Choice
Neuronal Differentiation
Glial Differentiation
Neuronal Migration / Axonal Guidance
Glial Migration and Myelination
Biology of the Adult Hippocampus Biology of the Adult SVZ
Immortalized Progenitors and Grafting
Trophic Factors and Protective Strategies
Critical Issues in Gene Transfer and Expression
Grand Unified Theory of Disease, Injury and Repair

99 Summit Topic / 99 Speakers and Schedule / 99 Location / 99 Participants and Competition


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