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The Route 28 Summits Workshop Format

What is Route 28? / The Route 28 Team / Workshop Format / The Proposal Competition

A Focus on Collaboration. The Route 28 Summits are set apart from the routine scientific meeting in that they focus on the direct interaction between students and prominent researchers in Neuroscience. Each workshop is limited to 45 participants who are selected on the basis of a competitive application. These 45 participants then work with ~15 world-caliber senior scientists on unsolved problems in the biomedical sciences. The Summits are highlighted by informal speaker-lead discussion sessions where students test theories and conjectures in the context of the Summit topic.

Route 28 has designed these Summits with two goals in mind, to encourage an informal and relaxed exchange of ideas between senior faculty and student participants, and to promote rewarding collaborative interactions that will continue in future scientific endeavors.

Competitive Proposal Preparation. The Route 28 Summit format highlights the strengths of scientific collaboration in an environment modeled after the granting process. One of the hallmarks of a Route 28 Summit is a low-key competition for three scholarship awards. These awards are given to the collaborative groups that generate the most creative proposals on an assigned therapeutic topic. In a retreat-like setting, participants will hear talks from well-known speakers. Formal talks will alternate with candid and critical discussions led by each speaker.

During the course of the workshop, participants will work in groups of 5 members to solve one of three problems presented on the first evening of the meeting. On the last day, the groups have the opportunity to readdress the speakers on any topic and then finalize and present the strategies they have developed. 24-hour access to on-line journals will help groups substantiate their proposals with current literature. A panel of senior scientists, including speakers and representatives from both academic and biotech communities will assemble as a Faculty Study Section to score the merit of each proposal based on the creativity, scientific merit and feasibility of the proposed projects.

The Awards. The Route 28 Awards vary annually based on sponsorship and have ranged from $100 - $1000 for each member of the three winning teams. In many years, travel supplements are also provided for all participants. Certificates of achievement and a commemorative T-shirt are awarded to all participants.

What is Route 28? / The Route 28 Team / Workshop Format / The Proposal Competition


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